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Vulnerability assessment

Russian Register is a specialized organization in the area of transport security provision, which is confirmed by accreditations of competent Bodies in the area of transport security provision (FAMART (Federal Agency of Maritime and River Transport), FRTA (Federal Railway Transport Agency) and FATA (Federal Air Transport Agency)).

In respect of transport security Russian Register provides services on:

for transportation facilities (hereinafter – TF) and transport vehicles (hereinafter – TV) on marine, inland water and air transport, in the area of railway transport and underground railway systems.

Our competence as one of expert and inspection organization in the area of transport is confirmed by the accreditation of Rostransnadzor (Federal Transportation Inspection Service), by URS Certificate of conformity and other notifications.

Federal law № 16-FZ as of 09.02.2007 “On transport security” (FZ-16) provides for transport infrastructure subjects, i.e. TF and/or TV owners or persons using them on other legal basis:

1. TF/TV Categorization

Each TF and TV relates to a certain category depending on the degree of Act of Unlawful Interference (hereinafter - AUI) threat. Categorization of TF and TV is conducted by competent Bodies in the area of transport security provision (the RF Ministry of Transportation agencies – FAMART (Federal Agency of Maritime and River Transport), FRTA (Federal Railway Transport Agency), FRA (Federal Road Agency) or FATA (Federal Air Transport Agency)) in compliance with the Procedure for determination of the number of categories and criteria of TF and TV categorization, approved by the order of the RF Ministry of Transportation as of February, 21 2011 № 62.

All categorized objects are included into TF and TV Registers, which are maintained by the RF Ministry of Transportation agencies.

2. TF/TV Vulnerability Assessment

Within 3 months upon the inclusion of TF and/or TV into the Register of categorized TF/TV there shall be conducted a vulnerability assessment, i.e. determination of the level of TF and TV protection from AUI threats. In compliance with FZ-16 vulnerability assessment is conducted by specialized organizations (TV vulnerability assessment can be conducted by transport infrastructure subjects). Read more

3. Planning and realization of arrangements on TF and TV transport security provision

TSPP shall be developed and submitted for approval within 3 months upon the results of vulnerability assessment. Read more

Contact person: Victor Zharkov, Vulnerability Assessment Team Leader  

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