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Product certification in INTERGAZCERT system

INTERGAZCERT VCS was set up by “Gazprom” PJSC on November, 24th 2016 by the order №751. The system is registered in Unified Register of Rosstandart for Voluntary Certification Systems (number ROSS RU.З1570.04ОГН0).

One of the main areas of activity of INTERGAZCERT VCS – certification of products and works (services).

The following kinds of products, works (services) are currently subject to certification within INTERGAZCERT VCS:

List of works (services) subject to certification at INTERGAZCERT VCS website,

List of products subject to certification at INTERGAZCERT VCS website.

Certification of products, works (services), as well as certification of management systems, in INTERGAZCERT VCS is performed within the frameworks of one of the five central bodies of the system. Each Body is responsible for its area:

· CBS “Pipeline products” (Association of Pipe Manufacturers),

· CBS “Process equipment and materials, power engineering equipment, automation tools and facilities, computer technology, software tools” (Association of Equipment Manufacturers “New technologies in gas industry”),

· CBS “Construction materials, works (services)” (Association of Construction Organizations in Gas Industry (ACOGI)),

· CBS “Gas, condensate, oil, their derivative products” (“Gazprom” PJSC Department 335),

· CBS “Technical security equipment, information security products” (“Gazprom” PJSC Department).

Depending on the category, under which products (services) produced by your company fall, certification shall be performed within the frameworks of a relevant CBS.

INTERGAZCERT VCS offers several options for certification of products and works (services), including certification of either one sample or serial products. In certification of serial products, depending on the certification scheme, the organization is required to undergo analysis of production conditions, quality management system certification and assessment of experience and business reputation.

You can find information on products, works and services certification schemes at INTERGAZCERT VCS website.

Information on successfully certified products and works (services) is located in the Central register of the system.

If you already know, which category your products or performed works (services) fall under and the scheme that you plan to be certified against, please fill in and send to Russian Register a Questionnaire for calculation of the scope and cost of services on certification in INTERGAZCERT VCS.

If you need to undergo certification of products or works (services) in INTERGAZCERT VCS and you have questions regarding this issue, please contact Russian Register Head Office.

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Application for voluntary certification of products in INTERGAZCERT VCS

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Dolgikh Irina

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