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Russian Register participated in the APQN 2018 International Conference


In spring 2018 employees of Russian Register participated in the work of the annual International Conference of the Asia-Pacific Quality Network (APQN) which was held this year in India under the title “Capacity Building for Next-Generation Quality Assurance in Higher Education”.

Participants of the conference were foreign education quality agencies, ministries of education and leading higher education institutions of Asia Pacific countries, European member agencies of ENQA и CEENQA, leading universities, as well as various associations and organizations interested in the process of improvement of mechanisms for education quality assurance.

The conference included professional discussions, live communication with foreign colleagues, discussion of business connections with big Asian partners, deployment of joint projects and preparation of publications in the scope of education quality assurance.

On behalf of Russian Register Irina Dolgikh delivered the report and presentation on “Independent Assessment of Qualifications as an Element of the National System for External Education Quality Assurance” at the conference. ДThe report and presentation were prepared by Arkady Vladimirtsev, Vera Silayeva (Azaryeva), Aleksandra Zvezdova, Irina Dolgikh.

Negotiations and meetings were held with foreign education quality agencies, members of ENQA – current partners of Russian Register, President of APQN Professor Jianxin Zhang and chair of APQR Board Doctor Jagannath Patil, new contacts and partnership relationships were established for performance of joint activities on education quality assessment, exchange of experts, best practices, holding of joint conferences and seminars in the scope of education quality assurance.

Russian Register joined APQN network in 2016 as a full member of this network, thus becoming a part of a big and professional community “APQN family” – this is how APQN President and all its members call it. And in 2017 Russian Register became the first Russian education quality agency which had a successful audit by foreign experts from APQN and was included into APQR (Asia-Pacific Quality Register).

At this conference APQR Certificate was officially granted to Russian Register. The participants of the ceremony were APQN President Professor Jianxin Zhang, Chair of APQR Board Doctor Jagannath Patil and Professor Farida Nurmanbetova.

Participation in conferences held by APQN has become our annual tradition and is used for improvement of Russian Register activity, development of partnership relationships in the scope of education quality assurance and assessment, as well as promotion of APQN ideas and philosophy on enhancement of education quality.

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