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Since the 1st of October 2003, Certification Association “Russian Register” (RR) is a member of International Certification Bodies Association IQNet. In 2006 RR has enhanced its status and has become a full partner of IQNet.

IQNet is an International Quality Network, non-governmental, non-commercial organization, created in accordance with legislation of Switzerland with its headquarters in Bern, Switzerland.

IQNet combines 37 lead certification bodies, which represent 33 countries, developed in the field of management systems certification.


  • to render highly-professional services, which fulfill all customer requirements;
  • to recognize and promote certificates of management systems conformity, issued by IQNet members;
  • to render services on assessment and certification of management systems all over the world, permanently developing new markets.

Certification bodies — partners of IQNet have issued over 300 thousand certificates of conformity, which is about 30% of the total number of certificates issued all over the world.

By gaining certification from Russian Register, the customer gets an opportunity for obtaining a standard unified international IQNet certificate in addition to the basic certificate, and if necessary with no additional assessments obtain a certificate of any IQNet partner, i.e. obtain certificates with accreditation of more than 50 countries worldwide. IQNet certificates may be issued at any time during the validity period of the basic certificate.

For more information on IQNet activity please visit official IQNet website,

Within the frameworks of Certification Bodies Association IQNet there was set up a production department – IQNet Ltd. The objective of IQNet creation was provision of IQNet partners’ customers with unique services in respect of management systems certification with a number of unique accreditations and recognitions.


International, national and sectorial accreditations and notifications provide our customers with global recognition worldwide. However, if needed, due to Russian Register membership in International Certification Bodies Association IQNet You can issue Conformity Certificate of any one of 37 certification bodies without additional audit.

For this purpose, You need to contact Head Office or the nearest Russian Register branch-office and pay the fee for the review of reporting documents on the latest audit conducted by Russian Register and issue of Conformity Certificate of our partner within IQNet.

Appealing to us, You will receive Certificate of Conformity to the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 22000 and other standards of any IQNet partner within 1 month. Conformity Certificate, issued by certification body- IQNet partner, shall be valid under conditions of validity of Conformity Certificate, issued by Russian Register.


Based on regular mutual assessment and continual international cooperation all IQNet partners are signatory to Multilateral Mutual Recognition Agreement. This means that they recognize as their own Certificates of Conformity to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and other standards, issued by each other.

IQNet uniform international certificate is a clear example of such recognition. 

IQNet certificates are issued by all partners-certification bodies together with their own Conformity Certificates. Currently about 300 000 IQNet uniform certificates are valid worldwide, i.e. approximately every 4th Conformity Certificate, issued around the world is IQNet Conformity Certificate. Together with Russian Register Conformity Certificate our customers receive IQNet uniform Conformity Certificate, which provides them with supreme level of recognition all over the world.


International Certification Bodies Association IQNet combines 37 national and international certification bodies, representing over 200 subsidiaries worldwide. Each of IQNet members, including Russian Register, is a leader within their country/region in respect of certification. Collectively we represent the most extensive and reputable certification group worldwide.

For the List of certification bodies-IQNet members click here


Due to IQNet membership, Russian Register can offer You certification and peer assessment services in innovative management areas, unique for Russia and the CIS market.

Please address any questions, related to IQNet certification services, to Russian Register Directorate for Development:

Phone: +7 812 670-9001


We offer certification and assessment services in the following areas:


Social responsibility management systems certification for compliance with the requirements of IQNet SR 10 international specification

This specification was developed by IQNet based on principles, recommendations and provisions of the International Standard ISO 26000:2010, Guidance on social responsibility, to meet the demand of our customers for independent assessment and certification of their social responsibility management systems. IQNet SR 10 is based on PDCA cycle and the principle of continual improvement, which gives the organization an opportunity to easily integrate its requirements into the existing management system. The standard is aimed at implementation of social responsibility of business in respect of all stakeholders, including owners, investors, state, local authorities, employees, local communities, etc. Certification of conformity to SR 10 standard will allow the organization to demonstrate stakeholders its strive for continual improvement and observance of their interests. You can get more detailed information on this service here.


Social responsibility management systems certification for compliance with the requirements of the International Standard SA 8000

Social responsibility management system certification for compliance with the International Standard SA 8000 is conducted by Russian Register within the frameworks of internationally recognized accreditation of SAI- developer and holder of this standard. Receiving this certification You may rest assured that Your company’s social activity complies with the best international standards, conventions and declarations of the UN, ILO and other reputable international organizations. SA 8000 standard is focused on provision of social responsibility of business in respect of employees. Availability of recognized Conformity Certificate will allow You to create a positive image of the company, demonstrate Your commitment to the principles of social responsibility to stakeholders (employees, government authorities, investors, customers, suppliers) in Your country and in the international arena. Availability of social responsibility management system Conformity certificate with SAI accreditation is a statutory requirement of a great number of large transnational corporations for their suppliers. You can get more detailed information on this service here.


aha! Label Allergen management certification

aha! Label is a special product labeling scheme, allowing consumers to identify required products in the market more quickly and clearly. Products (which can include food products, cosmetics, and household appliances) are assessed in compliance with set requirements in respect of their allergenic capacity. In case of positive results, products are marked with relevant label. Audit can also be conducted in hotels, cafes and restaurants. Labeling Your products will allow the customer to determine its allergenic capacity and consider it in choosing Your products among a number of analogues.



Business continuity management certification for compliance with the requirements BS 25999

BS 25999 standard provides the organization with management model, designed to provide stable functioning in case of an emergency – for example, earthquake, terrorist attack, financial crisis, etc. The standard is based on risk management and focused on the organization’s compliance with its contractual and other obligations in the abovementioned and other situations. Business continuity management system certification for compliance with the requirements of BS 25999 will allow the organization to demonstrate its reliability, ability to continually comply with its obligations. You can get more detailed information on this service here.


Integrated assessment of organizations’ quality management systems for compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001 taking into account ISO 9004 recommendations.

This model allows organization to receive independent assessment of quality management system by qualified experts, determine opportunities and potential for further improvement of its quality management system, and demonstrate to stakeholders its commitment to the principles of continual improvement.


IQNet Business improvement program

Program of organizations’ activity improvement, providing for activity assessment for compliance with the criteria of “business improvement” of EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) and criteria of "Baldrige National Quality Program" (Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Program, developed under the patronage of the US government. Special indicators, developed by IQNet based on these models applicable to different areas of an organization’s activity, will allow You to assess Your management system in detail, compare it with best practices in this area, determine strong and weak points of Your activity and identify areas, requiring additional development and improvement.


Good Priv@cy information security management systems certification

Information security management systems certification. Good Priv@cy is an internationally recognized standard, containing requirements for information security and organizations’ confidential information management. Good Priv@cy voluntary certification program was developed in Switzerland in 2002.


Organizations’ web sites certification

Web sites certification system for companies, engaged in e-commerce (online-shops, auctions, etc.). During audits not only organization’s quality management system, but also web site security, reliability and user-friendliness are assessed.


International Certification Bodies Association IQNet quarterly develops in English an e-journal, where the most up-to-date and current information in respect of management, standardization and conformity assessment is published. Due to Russian Register partnership in IQNet our customers have an opportunity to publish their articles, share experience, tell about their company and its achievements in this e-journal. If You are interested, please contact Russian Register’s Head Office Directorate for Development at

Click here for IQNet Newsletter e-journal.