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International Business Social Compliance Initiative is an initiative, developed by non-profit organization The Foreign Trade Association (FTA) with headquarters in Brussels. The objective of BSCI is to lay the foundation for sustainable improvement of supplying countries’ activities through introduction of social compliance monitoring in world trade. BSCI is focused on continual improvement of suppliers’ social activity, leading to implementation of advanced methods in this area.

This system is based on BSCI Code of Conduct, containing the main requirements for social compliance, set by BSCI members for their suppliers. Click here to get acquainted with the Code in Russian. To read Code of Conduct in other languages visit official BSCI web site (see “Useful links” section).

BSCI Initiative members include over 500 major corporations of international renown, that have representative offices and work with suppliers in many countries, including in Russia, CIS and Baltic states. Click here to see full list of BSCI members.

BSCI Code of Conduct is based on the provisions of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the UN Conventions on the Rights of the Child and on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, the UN Global Compact, the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and other relevant internationally recognized agreements.

According to the objectives of International Business Social Compliance BSCI Initiative, all suppliers shall regularly undergo assessment for compliance with the requirements of the Code. Successful assessment by a recognized Certification Body is a necessary requirement for cooperation with any one of over 500 BSCI members.

Moreover, according to the requirements of BSCI Code of Conduct, subcontractors (i.e. companies, doing business with BSCI members’ suppliers) also shall ensure their compliance with the requirements of this Code.

Many of BSCI member corporations are already actively working in Russia, CIS and Baltic states; therefore, demand for services involving assessment of suppliers’ compliance to BSCI Code is increasing.


  • fulfillment of the customer-BSCI member’s requirements and successful delivery of Your products/services;
  • opportunity to do business with any one of over 500 corporations-BSCI member;
  • implementation of social compliance-related international principles and approaches in the organization;
  • promotion of image through demonstration stakeholders Your openness and responsibility in the conduct of business;
  • increase of personnel satisfaction with social and labour conditions;
  • independent assessment of Your organization’s social compliance status by professional competent auditors;
  • record in official BSCI database, used by corporations-BSCI members to select suppliers;
  • integrated assessment of Business Social Compliance both against BSCI Code and for conformity to the requirements of Social Accountability SA 8000 standard; and integration of social compliance management system with other management systems.


Russian Register involves competent personnel, licensed to conduct assessment for compliance with BSCI Code, that had completed necessary theoretical training in Russia, Italy and Switzerland, and has practical experience in assessment in this area.

An important advantage of Russian Register is integrity of rendered services and the fact that personnel, conducting assessment for compliance with BSCI Code is Russian-speaking, which simplifies assessment procedure and increases its efficiency for all the stakeholders.

Also, we are pleased to offer our clients, including BSCI members’ representatives and their suppliers, relevant training courses, providing opportunity to get acquainted with BSCI requirements, methods and approaches in more detail.

Please note, that in case supplier is certified for compliance with the requirements of SA 8000:2008 standard by Certification Body, authorized by SAI (Social Accountability International), BSCI members are NOT required to undergo additional audit of compliance to BSCI Code.

Kontaktinis asmuo: Elena Riazanova, AS „Russkii Registr“ Lietuvos filialo vadovė.

Telefonas: + 370 46 211282


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