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Mandatory Certification against Environmental Requirements System

In march 2012 Certification Association “Russian Register” was accredited in Mandatory Certification against Environmental Requirements System (MCERS).

Mandatory Certification against Environmental Requirements System was developed in State Committee for Environmental Protection of Russia and registered by Gosstandart Decree №66 –А as of October, 1 1996. State Environmental Protection Committee of the Russian Federation was issued a certificate under the number ROSS Ru. 0001.01ЭТОО.

The main objectives of MCERS are assistance in:

  • implementation of mandatory environmnetal requirements of environmental legislation in location, engineering, construction and operation of enterprises, buildings and other objects,
  • implementation of environmnetally-friendly manufacturing, operational procedures and equipment,
  • provision of environmnetal safety in production and consumption wastes location, processing, transportation, management and disposal,
  • prevention of pollution and contamination of environmnetal objects in manufacturing, operation and disposal of all kinds of products,
  • prevention of environmentally hazardous products, wastes, techniques and services import,
  • national economics integration into world market and fulfillment of Russia international obligations in respect of environmnetal protection,
  • establishment of the status of environmnetal certificate and environmnetal Conformity mark as environmental safety guarantor.

Objects of certification in MCERS are:

  • enterprises, manufacturers, operational procedures;
  • environmnetally hazardous products;
  • production and consumption wastes handling system;
  • environmental protection management system.

Kontaktinis asmuo: Elena Riazanova, AS „Russkii Registr“ Lietuvos filialo vadovė.

Telefonas: + 370 46 211282


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