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American Petroleum Institute API (established in 1919) is the only American national trade association that represents all aspects of oil and natural gas industry. API consists of over 400 members of the Association, including oil companies, and individual entrepreneurs from different segments of the industry (i.e. producers, oil refiners, suppliers, pipeline operators, marine transporters, different service companies of the industry).

Main API objectives:

1. Speaks for the oil and natural gas industry to the public, the US Congress and the Executive Branch, state governments and the media;

2. Negotiates with regulatory agencies, represent the industry in legal proceedings, participates in coalitions and works in partnership with other associations to achieve API members’ public policy goals;

3. Conducts and/or sponsors research in pil and gas industry ranging from economic analyses to toxicological testing;

4. Collects and publishes statistics and data on all aspects of U.S. industry operations, including supply and demand for various products, drilling activities, and well completions;

5. Develops technical standards and specifications;

6. Controls certification programs for individuals, companies’ management systems and product certification system;

7. Provides industry-related training

Main API certification programs:

Products and services certification:

1. Monogram Licensing program

2. Engine Oil Certification

Management systems certification –APIQR program:

1. Registration in accordance with API Spec Q1/ISO TS 29001

2. Registration in accordance with ISO 9001

3. Registration in accordance with ISO 14001

4. Registration in accordance with OHSAS 18001

5. Registration in accordance with API Spec Q2

Products and management systems certification –API Dual program:

1. Monogram Licensing program + Registration in accordance with API Spec Q1

Individual certification:

1. Individual certification program

2. Training courses

As of the beginning of 2013 there are 4000 certificates for QMS, 8000 certificates for products and 38 000 certificates of certified professionals registered in official API registers.

Russian Register is official API representative in Russia. Agreement is valid since 1st of July 2011 and covers Russian and the CIS countries. The main objective of the partnership is promotion of API services on the national market. Russian Register is also authorized to organize training on API standards and conduct marketing activities for API promotion.

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Kontaktinis asmuo: Elena Riazanova, AS „Russkii Registr“ Lietuvos filialo vadovė.

Telefonas: + 370 46 211282


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