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GAZPROMCERT voluntary certification system was established by “Gazprom” JSC by the order №10 as of February, 06 1999 and registered by Gosstandart Russia (currently Technical Regulation and Metrology Agency), registration № ROSS RU.3022.04ГО00 as of July, 17 2000.

GAZPROMCERT system was established for organization and conduction of voluntary confirmation of conformity in the form of voluntary certification of:

  • “Gazprom” JSC subsidiaries’ products and management systems,
  • products and services, acquired by “Gazprom” JSC to conduct its activities,
  • quality management systems at the enterprises-products and services suppliers.

The main objective of voluntary certification in GAZPROMCERT system are:

  • verification of products, management systems, works and services’ conformity to the provisions of agreements and GAZPROMCERT system, taking into account gas industry characteristics;
  • confirmation of functional characteristics, and product-quality characteristics, stated by the manufacturer (performer);
  • assistance to customers in competent choice of products, works and services;
  • competitive growth of products, works and services of organizations and “Gazprom” JSC subsidiaries at Russian and international market;
  • consumer protection from manufacturer (salesman, performer) negligence.

Russian Register is authorized to conduct certification in GAZPROMCERT system and has the widest possible recognition from “Gazprom razvitiye” Ltd. and “Gazprom komplektaciya” Ltd.: is notified for conduction of certification in both authorized “Gazprom” JSC organizations:

  • quality management systems of enterprises- “Gazprom” JSC material and equipment suppliers for compliance with the requirements of STO Gazprom 9001;
  • quality management systems of subsidiaries, “Gazprom” JSC organizations and enterprises - “Gazprom” JSC work/services suppliers for compliance with the requirements of STO Gazprom 9001.

Kontaktinis asmuo: Elena Riazanova, AS „Russkii Registr“ Lietuvos filialo vadovė.

Telefonas: + 370 46 211282


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