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Russian Register

Voluntary Certification System of Management Systems, Products and Personnel (Russian Register Certification System) was registered in compliance with national legislation in 2006 and was developed to render high-quality and internationally recognized services in respect of management systems, products and personnel certification by both Russian and foreign organizations.

Recognition of Certificates of conformity, issued in Russian register system, is ensured by :

  • availability of international accreditation by The Dutch Accreditation Council RvA (member of IAF, International Accreditation Forum),
  • availability of international accreditation by ANAB,
  • Russian register membership in International Certification Bodies Association IQNet,
  • a wide range of national and sectorial accreditations, and impeccable reputation and image, that Russian Register has earned during over 15 years of activity in the field of management systems certification.

Russian Register certification system is developed and operates in compliance with leading world practices in this area, which is also a guarantee of high quality of rendered services in respect of certification and Certificates of conformity recognition. Russian Register regularly develops and, when necessary, accredits new certification programs in Russian Register system, which allows us to provide our clients with the most advanced and high-quality certification and conformity assessment services.

Kontaktinis asmuo: Elena Riazanova, AS „Russkii Registr“ Lietuvos filialo vadovė.

Telefonas: + 370 46 211282


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