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Personnel certification

Russian Register provides personnel certification services. It is a relatively new and rapidly developing, but internationally recognized service, which allows personnel to gain formal, impartial and independent recognition of his professional competence, allows organizations to train their employees and confirm their qualification, thus increasing competitive advantage of the company.

Personnel certification service is valid within personnel certification system of Certification Association Russian Register, the main objective of which being assurance of objectives on personnel training and competence assessment in different areas of economics (including criteria development for objective assessment of personnel knowledge and skills, required by labor-market, taking into account national and/or international standards for professions in different areas of industry and services sectors), formal, impartial and independent assessment of competence, level of personnel knowledge and skills.

Russian Register is a member of International Personnel Certification Association (IPC).

IPC unites world’s leading personnel certification bodies, which act under multilateral mutual recognition agreements, based on the requirements of international standard ISO 17024 General requirements for bodies operating certification of persons.

The process of certification includes review and assessment of candidate’s conformity to the requirements in respect of basic education and work experience, theoretical training and practical skills.

Personnel certification covers the following categories of professions:

  • industrial personnel certification schemes, related to labor and engineering professions in different areas of industry;
  • manager certification schemes, related to specialist's/ heads of organizations managerial positions.

If needed or upon customer’s request Russian Register develops additional special requirements for personnel competence in compliance with the organization’s internal objectives and needs.


  • opportunity to receive an independent quality assessment of employees’ training, level of competence, professional aptitude;
  • continual monitoring of personnel competence;
  • positive image formation;
  • opportunity to demonstrate business partners your qualification reliability;
  • recognition of personnel qualification and competence within the frameworks of global economics integration processes;
  • compliance with the requirements of international labor markets;
  • provision of psychological comfort to personnel and its motivation;
  • increase in care and respect for corporate employees;
  • increase in the demand and “price” for professionals in the labor market.
Contact person: Pavel Steranov, head of QMS and personnel development department 
Phone: +7 (812) 670-9001 (ext.714) 

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