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Certification Association “Russian Register” was the official representative of the American Petroleum Institute API in Russia and CIS countries since 2011 till 2014. Great experience obtained by our employees during cooperation with API will allow our clients to use the whole complex of the services on support of certification against API standards (training seminars, preparation of organizations’ management systems etc.)  

API Monogram products certification program is designed for manufacturers of production, drilling and oil-refining equipment, supplied for oil and gas industry needs.   

The majority of the largest oil and gas companies in the world specify availability of certification against API Monogram program as a requirement for purchased equipment. According to API estimates, API monogrammed products turnover exceeds 200 000 000 000 a year.   

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Products certification against API Monogram significantly expands distribution market of oil and gas industry suppliers and increases their competitiveness. Upon receipt of API Monogram certificate, the products are listed in API Products Catalogue, and in API Register, which is actively used by oil and gas equipment ordering customers in suppliers’ selection.  

API has developed standards for products in the following main directions: 


Processing and sale:

Series of standards:

2: Offshore structures

4: Drilling rigs and units

5: Pipe products

  • Pipes
  • Oilwell and casing pipes
  • Pipe thread

6: Shutoff and control valves and wellhead fittings

7: Drilling equipment, chisels

8: Hoisting devices

9: Wire ropes etc.


594: Check valves

599: Metal plug valves

600: Bonnet steel gates

602: Steel check gate valves

603: corrosion-resistant, steel bonnet gate valves

608: Metal ball valves

609: Butterfly valves: flanged, double-flanged, wafer-type

650: Welded steel tanks for oil storage etc.

Structure of API Monogram Program includes audit of conformity to the requirements of API Spec Q1 standard (audit of an enterprise management system in general), and standards-specifications for certain equipment, which is supposed to be labeled with API Monogram mark. 

Contact person: Irina Dolgikh
Phone: +7 812 670-9001 (ext. 247)

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