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Rules of use of the Russian Register conformity marks

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Conditions for conformity assessment of products, processes and services

Russian Register (RR) performs activities on certification and registration of declarations of conformity to the national requirements and requirements of the Eurasian Economic Union (previously - Custom Union) with issue of documents under the Unified forms.

RR is registered in Rosaccreditation and included into the Unified registrar of certification bodies and test laboratories (centers) of the Customs Union. Accreditation certificates: № ROSS RU.0001.10АВ83, № ROSS RU.0001.11АИ43, № ROSS RU.0001.21ГА45, № ROSS RU.0001.13ФК65.

Products for which Russian Register has issued (registered) documents certifying conformity under the unified form of the Customs Union, are allowed for turnover within the Eurasian Economic Union territory (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia) without execution of additional documents (national conformity certificate or conformity declaration) certifying product conformity to the legal requirements of certain Customs Union member states.

Accreditation scope of the Russian Register covers:

  • food
  • machine building products,
  • construction materials, structures and items,
  • textile products,
  • vehicle components.

RR registered and maintains the System of voluntary management system, personnel and product certification. RR System — certificate of registration in the unified registrar of the recorded voluntary certification systems № ROSS RU.М335.04ВЕ00). Schemes (modules) of certification within RR system are maximum harmonized with European modules of conformity certification (Decision of the European Parliament and the European Council № 768/2008/ЕС).


  • improved image of a company;
  • increased consumer confidence due to independent assessment of the provided products, services quality;
  • use of an independent assessment for determination of the primary fields of quality assurance;
  • contractual requirements of customers and investors;
  • advantages for participation in different tenders. 


1. Preparation stage

At this stage an Applicant selects a certification body. Here one can use complex systems of certification bodies rating, or focus on the requirements of its customers, partners or professional associations.

At this stage we ask you to prepare an Application.

Your signature on the Declaration-application acknowledges your acceptance of the Conditions of product, process and service conformity confirmation. Based on the information from the provided Declaration the Product Certification Department of Russian Register examines opportunities for conduction of certification and estimates workload depending on an applied certification scheme, while the marketing department prepares a business offer for you.

Preparation stage is completed by signing (accepting) an agreement (offer) on certification activities.

2. Document review

Documentation review is carried out by the Russian Register experts in order to identify:

  • comprehensiveness of the documentation copies for the applied products provided for by the certification criteria (including the ones determined by the law);
  • conformity of the evidential material composition and content to the certification criteria;
  • adequacy of the provided documents to the requirements of the normative documents serving as certification criteria;
  • introduction of acceptable, from the point of view of the certification criteria, changes into design, content, materials, technology of product manufacturing.

3. Collection, identification and testing of product samples

Collection and identification of samples within the certification schemes implying testing of product samples. Purpose of this stage is experimental identification of product conformity to the certification criteria.

4. Assessment of manufacturing

Assessment of manufacturing is a part of certification schemes implying certification of quality management systems (QMS), assessment of quality systems (QS) or analysis of manufacturing condition.

Depending on a certification scheme the purpose of manufacturing assessment, as a product certification element, is:

  • verification if a manufacturer has the required technical documents, infrastructure, personnel and technical capacities for sustainable manufacturing of products in accordance with the certification criteria;
  • verification if a manufacturer has a QS ensuring sustainable manufacturing of products in accordance with the certification criteria.

The process of manufacturing assessment itself includes work of the Russian Register experts (auditors) on collecting evidence of the manufacturing (QMS, QS) conformity to the certification criteria.

If nonconformities are identified during the audit, they are to be eliminated by the Applicant within the established term. Activities on certification are suspended until elimination of the identified nonconformities.

5. Certification decision (issue of a conformity certificate)

A decision on certification and issue of a conformity certificate is made by a member of the Russian Register top management which did not participate in conformity assessment activities.

Along with the certificates an Applicant receives a regulatory document: “Rules of the use of the Russian Register conformity marks”, as well as the required PR-support and consulting from Russian Register.

Validity term of a conformity certificate depends on a certification scheme.

6. Surveillance control of the certified products

Surveillance control of the certified products is carried out on a scheduled and unscheduled manner in case it is provided for by the applied certification scheme. The purpose of surveillance control is to confirm that the products and its manufacturing conditions stay conformant to the certification criteria during the period of certificate validity. Surveillance control of the certified products shall be carried out during the entire period of a conformity certificate validity minimum once in 12 months.

Contact person:  Irina Dolgikh
Phone: +7 812 670-9001 (ext. 247)

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