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In a modern world bribery is no longer a local problem but a transnational phenomenon, affecting the society and economics of all countries and threatening the organizations with criminal charge and fines; and the damage that bribery might infringe on the enterprises’ image is often underestimated.

Forms of corruptive relations usually include:

  • corruption, bribery, acquisition of illegal income (blackmail, “kickbacks”);
  • theft and privatizing of state resources and funds;
  • misappropriation (forgery, fraud, falsification, embezzlement; conversion of money, property by fraud), misuse of state funds, misapplication;
  • nepotism, favoritism;
  • promotion of personal interests, conspiracy (granting of preferences to certain persons, conflict of interests);
  • acceptance of gifts to speed up problem settlement;
  • advocacy and patronage (false testimony);
  • authority abuse (intimidation or torment);
  • manipulation of control (falsification, making decisions in favor of one group or person), etc.

In recent years alone in different parts of the world there were adopted a lot of declarations and conventions aimed at anti-bribery management as global phenomenon. The adopted conventions consolidate international provisions of law, binding for countries ratifying these conventions:

  • The UN Convention Against Corruption (the Russian Federation has signed the convention on December, 9 2003);
  • Criminal Law Convention on Corruption (for the Russian Federation this document became effective since February, 1 2007);
  • the United Nations Declaration against Corruption and Bribery in International Commercial Transactions;
  • The Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe Resolution “On twenty guiding principles for the fight against corruption”;
  • and many more

Implementation of anti-bribery conventions into the legislations of member-states is integral to anti-bribery management, as thereby there is being achieved one of the main objectives for which such conventions were entered into: development in the member-state’s national legislation of a relevant regulatory and legal framework, addressed to natural and legal persons. Specifically actions of the latter are a source of corruption.

The risks that corruption poses to organizations can be controlled with the help of anti-bribery management system. Currently there are several standards related to anti-bribery arrangements management, e.g.:

  • Australian Standard AS 8001;
  • BSI Standard (Great Britain) BS 10500.

In October 2016 ISO, the International Organization for Standardization, has published an international standard ISO 37001 Anti-bribery management systems, which helps organizations to prevent and determine response in case of bribery. ISO 37001 standard is applicable to all organizations, regardless of its size and nature of activity, forms of corruption that it faces, and in any country as the standard promotes conformity of organization’s activity to international best practices and the relevant laws and regulations related to anti-bribery management in all countries of organization’s activity.

A set of arrangements described in anti-bribery management system standards, including ISO 37001, consists of:

  • development of anti-bribery policy,
  • appointment of person responsible for control of anti-bribery management system implementation,
  • analysis of corruption risks,
  • training on the issues of anti-bribery activities,
  • control of partners and projects,
  • measures which allow drawing attention to the cases of bribery and corruption,
  • procedures for investigation of the cases of bribery and disciplinary responsibility,
  • internal audits,
  • analysis and improvement of the management system with anti-bribery arrangements.


  • inclusion of best international anti-bribery practices into the standard, application of the same approaches to prevention and detection of bribery by organizations, irrespective of the country of activity;
  • demonstrating investors, top management, owners, project originators, employees, consumers and other stakeholders that the organization has undertaken steps required for countering bribery from the organization, its agents or in respect of the organization;
  • confidence in the effectiveness of the organization’s control measures (including financial control, control of procurement activities, control of the organization’s assets), which allow timely detect and mitigate risks of non-conformity to statutory and legal requirements related to bribery;
  • meeting the requirements of foreign legislation (FCPA, UKBA);
  • upgrade of project and business partners’ expert assessment;
  • investigation and assessment of potential or already-existing cases of corruption;
  • increase of business transparency;
  • reducing the risk of breach of legislation and imposition of penal sanctions;
  • upgrade of corporate culture and business ethics.


By contacting Russian Register you will get a unique opportunity to obtain:

  • Certificate of conformity, demonstrating conformity to the requirements of ISO 37001,
  • The International Certification Network IQNet Certificate of consolidated type,
  • Certificate of conformity to the requirements of BS 10500 with accreditation from the Federal Accreditation Service (Rosakkreditatsiya);


  • Opportunity of integrated assessment of the organization’s corporate governance and social responsibility system,
  • Opportunity to undergo certification of the integrated management system for conformity to the requirements of 2 or more standards,
  • Opportunity to reduce the cost of service by engaging qualified Russian-speaking Auditors
  • and more.

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