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Forest management certification

Assessment is carried out for conformity to FSC principles and criteria, which are reflected in National and Generic forest management standards. In Russia certification on this scheme is carried out for conformity to the Russian National Standard FSC-STD-RUS-V6-1-2012. In other countries (where there is no adopted FSC national forest management standard) – for conformity to the Russian Register standard СРР-0001 adapted to local conditions

Forest management and internal chain of custody certification (FM/CОC)

Is conducted for organizations which are forest land tenants or owners and include an internal chain of custody. The Organization shall demonstrate that prior to legal ownership transition wood harvested on a certified area is not mixed with side noncertified wood. An organization obtains the right to use the FSC trademark.

Forest management certification (FM)

Is conducted for enterprises performing forest management or forest use. Usually model forests, national parks and other protected areas are certified against this scheme. This kind of certification does not include assessment of internal chain of custody, and a company can only state that sustainable forest management is exercised at this area.

Certification requirements

FSC normative documents on forest management

Please, see general recommendations, preparation procedure and FSC and RR requirements for the certification process described in “Rules of forest management and chain of custody certification”.

Application forms

Declaration-application for forest management certification

Certification Association “Russian register” is accredited for certification of FSC forest management in Russia and CIS countries.

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