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Stages of environmental audit

1. Organization appeals to Certification Association “Russian Register” and together with environmental professionals determines environmental audit objects, scope and criteria. Both integrated environmental audit and environmental audit against compliance with any criteria (e.g. the RF legislation in respect of atmospheric air protection) can be conducted by our specialists.

2. Contract, where environmental audit objects, scope, criteria and terms are agreed, is drawn up.

3. Certification Association “Russian Register” specialists conduct environmental audit with visit to the enterprise according to pre-agreed with enterprise/organization plan. Only environmental audit of design documents can be conducted without visit to the enterprise.

4. Upon the results of environmental audit conclusion is compiled. According to customer’s choice, conclusion can contain not only summary on compliance/non-compliance of enterprise/organization’s activity with legislative requirements regarding environmental protection and environmental management, but also guidelines for bringing activity into compliance with legislative requirements, resource saving, energy saving. Conclusion upon the results of environmental audit is deemed by Certification Association “Russian Register” to be confidential information.

Enterprise/organization can use the conclusion as internal document for arrangement of works on reduction of environmental risks and optimization of financial expenses with account of environmental factors. Upon enterprise/organization’s request, conclusion can be presented to state regulatory authorities or published for its image promotion and competitive growth.

Contact person: Pavel Nikanorov, Deputy Director for Deelopment
Phone: +7 812 600 11 68 (ext. 236)

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