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Environmental audit

In the conditions of increased attention to environmental problems on the part of government, governmental supervisory authorities, heads of enterprises, social organizations and citizens, environmental audit has become an instrument of confirmation of compliance with the requirements of environmental legislation, competitive growth in the eyes of the public, receiving accurate information, required for preparation and making of environmentally sound decisions.


1. independent, integrated, documented assessment of organization’s environmental protection-related activity, including one in respect of:

  • atmospheric air protection (including sanitary protection zone);
  • protection and use of water bodies (including ground waters);
  • waste handling;
  • rational environmental management, including subsoil management;

2. detection of problematic positions in organization’s activity in respect of environmental protection;

3. receiving recommendations within audit conduction on arrangements, that organization needs for timely elimination of identified deficiencies. Fulfillment of recommended arrangements will allow to eliminate or minimize the consequences of governmental supervisory authorities audits (Rosprirodnadzor, Rospotrebnadzor, Environmental prosecutor’s office, etc.) in the form of composition of provisions on administrative violations and issue of fines;

4. possession by top management of confidential, integral, impartial and objective information on the status of environmental protection-related issues and absence of necessity to present report and conclusion on environmental audit to anyone (including governmental supervisory authority) without organization’s free will;

5. development of public’s confidence that organization’s activity is being conducted in compliance with current Russian and international legislation in respect of environmental protection, which sufficiently increases the level of organization credibility and improves its image.

6. provision of technogenic, energy and environmental safety of the organization’s activity;

7. optimization of organization’s financial costs taking into account environmental factors;

8. increase of competitiveness by means of optimal utilization of energy and natural recourses, careful selection of raw material and controlled wastes processing;

9. information support of making pre-plan, pre-design decisions, plan decisions and design decisions, related to the sufficient effect on environment and/or the use of natural recourses;

10. information support of development, increase of effectiveness or initialization of different types of environmental activity (including implementation of new environmental protection equipment and adoption of technologies).


  • environmental aspects of organizations’ activities, including documents, characterizing compliance with the requirements, related to environmental protection and exploitation of natural resources;
  • effectiveness of the use of natural resources, energy saving;
  • design documents, investment projects, including data on new (being implemented/ implemented) environmental protection equipment and technologies;
  • control of cargo delivery to the address, control of cargo safety at all stages of delivery, including reloading to different modes of transport and control of modes of transport, involved in the process of transportation.


Association is accredited for conduction of works on environmental management systems certification in established and one of the oldest accreditation bodies – RvA;

Association has a wealth of experience in enterprises’ and organizations’ environmental management systems’ audit and certification. In the frameworks of certification all environmental aspects of activity are assessed, including compliance with legislative requirements in respect of environmental protection and environmental management;

Environmental professionals conducting activities on environmental audit have vast experience in environmental protection-related activity at large enterprises of different industry sectors (including operating state environmental control, development of design and normative documents applicable to environment protection and environmental management).

Contact person: Dolgikh Irina
Phone: +7 (812) 670-9001 (ext. 247) 


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