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Feasibility study

Business plan and feasibility study (FS) are documents, containing analyses, calculation, assessment of economic feasibility of proposed construction project implementation, enterprise construction, new technical object development, modernization and reconstruction of existing objects.

Russian Register specialists can prepare economic part of investment project in compliance with the requirements of credit institutions, governmental institutions and international standards (UNIDO) for receipt of funding, management decision making, submitting into governmental authorities and for other purposes. When needed, research and calculation can be carried out for project optimization depending on chosen construction, technology, pricing environment, terms of financing, legal and tax regulations.

Objects, that can be prepared in compliance with technical requirements and presented to customer as a result of fulfilled works, can include:

  • business plan and FS – integrated outcome document in hard and/or soft copy;
  • financial economic model – current electronic model of project key figures calculation;
  • soft copy project time schedule for project scheduling and management during its realization;
  • databases;
  • project launch in required format for project presentation to interested persons.

Also Russian Register specialists can conduct independent inspection of existing documents on projects feasibility study. On special assignment, inspection can include integrated technical, financial and economic and legal document review or review of separate project aspects

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