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Environmental care

Conservation of natural resources and maintenance of ecological balance is one of the main objectives of modern international business community. We are glad that thanks to a specific character of our activity we have an opportunity to directly influence environmental aspect of business operations.

Environmental management systems certification against ISO 14001 standard allows the companies to minimize adverse environmental impact.

Certification against Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) standards allows the companies to ensure prudent and responsible forest exploitation and as a result provides for global preservation of forest ecosystems.

Russian Register has an internationally recognized accreditation of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and renders the following services in the area of forest certification:

  • Chain of Custody certification against FSC scheme,
  • Chain of Custody certification against FSC scheme, including company evaluation of FSC-controlled wood,
  • Forest management system certification against FSC scheme,
  • Forest management system and internal Chain of Custody certification.

Within the frameworks of cooperation with FSC, in accordance with good tradition Russian Register supports annual September act “FSC-Friday” reminding its clients and partners of the necessity of environmental and socially responsible forest management.