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Quality Policy

Russian Register provides its partners with a wide range of certification and expert services, beneficial contract terms and internationally recognized service.
Work and qualification of Russian Register experts shall not only allow assessing strengths and weaknesses of the customers' activity in general, but also facilitate their success in the markets of Russia and other countries. For this, in accordance with national and international requirements, Russian Register acts as a management system, personnel and product Certification Body, Inspection Body and Agency for assessment of professional education quality.  


Continually increase value of its services and capitalization of company in general.

Strategic Objective

Preservation and further enforcement of Russian Register leading positions on the market of certification and expert services in Russia and CIS countries.

Quality Policy 

The Quality policy of Russian Register is the striving of the Top Management to maintain high organizational and qualification level of the company's activity, which can legitimate customer expectations in competence, impartiality, availability and fulfillment of ethic norms during independent, efficient, economically sound and accredited assessment of conformity to the requirements of technical regulations, national, foreign and international standards and provision of expert service. Russian Register undertakes the responsibility to observe the accreditation criteria and requirements for accredited persons, ensure the priority of safety over any other priorities and form the safety culture among all persons involved in expert activities and confirmation of all certification objects conformity to the mandatory requirements, ensure familiarization and compliance of Russian Register personnel with the requirements of this policy and QMS documents. Russian Register is always open to cooperation with customers and all the interested parties and ready to efficiently and impartially consider all requests, appeals and disputes in accordance with the established procedures.  

Quality Objectives 

Russian Register strives to be a profitable, effective, competitive, innovative and technically complete expert organization in order to master and keep the leading positions in the market of Russia and CIS countries. Russian Register strives to gain maximum satisfaction of the existing and the prospective needs of all interested parties with certification and expert services through continual improvement of its activity and personnel qualification with the help of world's best practice and partnership within the framework of international certification and expert networks and associations. Russian Register strives to be helpful and valuable partner for all members of IQNet and IPC certification networks, education quality assurance networks (ENQA, APQN, INQAAHE etc.), worthily presenting and promoting their interests on the markets of Russia and CIS countries.s.

Director General of Certification Association Russian Register
Vladimirtsev A.V., 30.06.2016